Training - Development

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Training - Development

Having a trusted staff training and Human Resource development company is essential to find out the real skills of your employees. As a result of years of experience in the area, STANDBY Consultants specialises in designing and delivering training activities adapted to employees’ skills and using helpful and tested methods, as all our consultants are professional experts in linking knowledge, talent and skills to teaching practice.

We carry out training projects by means of action plans aimed at changing skills, attitudes and behaviour.

As a HR training company, we follow a number of steps.

Our methodological process consists of the following basic steps:

  • Diagnosis of training needs
  • Development of a training plan
  • Evaluation, monitoring and improvement
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of training activities

At STANDBY Consultants, we distinguish four types of essential skills, developed at three levels (basic, advanced, expert) and where we focus our main activity:

  • Communication skills
  • Personal skills
  • Management skills
  • Business skills

Therefore, our permanent goal is to improve the quality of management by developing skills in senior managers, middle managers and technicians.

While some areas simply upgrade, there are certain areas of knowledge that can even change the game rules when too many changes happen in too short a time.  Apart from keeping up with updates, every business must also implement them.

Those companies that invest in keeping their employees abreast with potential changes that may occur in productivity, use of information or specific areas in their industry sector, achieve better results. This is because unnecessary costs are therefore reduced and real productivity is increased.

Large national and international companies trust us as the main staff training and HR development company in Spain and Latin America.

STANDBY Consultants, as a staff training and development company, is at your entire disposal to introduce you the future qualified professional employees of your company.

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