RPO, Recruitment Process Outsourcing company in Spain

Recruitment Outsourcing - RPO

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Recruitment Outsourcing - RPO

Having a trusted Recruitment and/or Selection Outsourcing company in Spain is crucial for business, as RPO can help you achieve variable costs in Human Resources.

Companies are always looking to maximise their management. Those who want to monetise their business use Recruitment and/or Selection Outsourcing or RPO services. RPO = Resourcing Process Outsourcing.

To this end, companies outsource the recruitment and selection processes to STANDBY Consultants, so they can spend their time on doing what they do best: activities that will generate more value. Our consultants can either move to the client company (implant) or work through a mixed model. We have offices in Malaga, Madrid and Seville, with dedicated consultants to help clients analyse their databases and enrich them with our own, thus integrating all available resources.

For the success of the project, it is desirable to specify the processes that will take place, as well as define the methodology, timing, priorities, profiles, partners and contingency plans.

In addition, to achieve an efficient RPO, this process must be integrated into the HR structure of the client company, with the aim of having the right information at the earliest.

RPO Advantages

  1. Assigning resources to processes of greater value to the company within the HR department, such as strategy and organisational culture.
  2. In-depth knowledge of the needs, approaches and particularities of the partner.
  3. Focus on the motto: “I’m inside, I know the company perfectly well, but I do not forget you are my client”.
  4. Optimising costs, always negotiating better conditions.
  5. Reducing fixed costs, transforming them into variable costs.
  6. Reducing time; as specialists, we devote the entire workload to total satisfaction.
  7. Strengthening your human resources department through the pooling of resources and the transmission of our experience during the process.
  8. Enriching recruitment sources with the candidates provided by the specialist.
  9. Proactivity in the proposed candidates. Anticipating customer needs.
  10. Minimising inefficiencies, having a partner involved to carry out the project with real results.

STANDBY Consultants has the long-term vision, skills, experience, the right organisational structure, internal processes fully adapted to your client and the corporate structure needed to assume the conversion of pressure into results and the effective reduction of costs,  thus ensuring success of the process at all times.

Large national and international companies trust us as the main Recruitment Process Outsourcing company in Spain and Latin America.

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