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Our goal is clear: Achieving success in the staff recruitment process in the shortest possible time, with all the guarantees.

Our firm specialises in recruitment and executive search. Our process is based on rigour and our own methodology, which has been proven and tested for over 16 years. Our standards are adapted to the reality of people and companies in the 21st century. We have the technology, knowledge, network and capacity to find the right professional employee for your company anywhere and anytime.

Only this way we can guarantee:

  • Rigour, commitment and real knowledge of the sector.
  • Solvency.
  • Experience with national and multinational companies.
  • Our own methodology, proven and tested for each job position.
  • Updated standards and practices every day.

During the recruitment process, we are in constant communication with our client and the selected candidates, using the following workflow:

  • Meeting with the HR staff to define specific needs, business environment and respondent profile.
  • Conducting executive search and recruitment is one of our differentiating factors, for which we use:
  1. Our own database, updated and classified by sector.
  2. ​Recommendations from sector-based companies.
  3. Top business schools.
  4. Job-hunting websites and premium clients, both general and specialised.
  5. Social networks with our own methodology, which involves a success-oriented search.
  6. Extensive network of contacts, due to our over 15 years experience in the sector.
  7. Searches in the professional environment of our consultants.
  8. CV Examination and classification. Preliminary interview.
  • Candidates will undergo an in-depth personal interview with our consultants.
  • Candidates’ digital fingerprints are tracked, to get the maximum information about them.
  • Candidates will undergo specific tests of personality, skills, knowledge, etc.
  • Their professional references will be checked.
  • Results will be presented to the client.
  • Clients will be assisted in their decision-taking.

Companies that started hiring recruitment services in the past achieved better results. This is mainly due to the incorporation of qualified and specific personnel to each position in their teams.

However, finding the right professional employee, at the right time, is only possible with the excellence-oriented, executive recruitment process that we conduct every day.

Large national and international companies trust us as the main recruitment agency in Spain and Latin America.

STANDBY Consultants is at your entire disposal to help you search and introduce you the future qualified professional employees that will increase the profits of your company.

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