Public Management Consulting

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Public Management Consulting

Having a trusted Public Administration Consulting Firm in Spain is essential to efficiently manage the professional staff that make up our state administration.

People management in Public Administration has always had a major role. In the coming years, this role will be even greater.

At STANDBY Consultants we have a solid and solvent experience in providing HR consulting services for Public Administrations.

What areas of Public Administration do we specialise in?

  • National State Administration
  • Spanish Autonomous Regions
  • Provincial Councils
  • Town Halls
  • Metropolitan areas
  • Groups of municipalities
  • Autonomous bodies
  • Business and Government Bodies (State-Owned Enterprises)
  • Consortia

As HR consultants nationwide, we suggest the following solutions for PAs:

Employment Management:

  1. Customised design, development and full or partial assistance in conducting large recruitment processes: public competitions, selection procedures, tenders.
  2. Rating Labour Exchanges.
  3. Designing plans to integrate temporary staff.
  4. Developing databases for staff recruitment.
  5. Database provisioning of jobs.
  6. Regulations and standards for the recruitment of temporary staff.
  7. Employment plans and rationalisation of Human Resources.

Career development and HR:

  1. Training plans.
  2. An inventory of training needs in view of developing training plans.
  3. Designing systems for recognition and motivation.
  4. Disciplinary systems.
  5. Taking part in the design of ethical codes.
  6. Horizontal career development.

Management Tools and Remuneration Policy:

  1. Designing manuals for staff management.
  2. Suggesting ways to qualitatively adapt the staff to the actual needs of the company.
  3. Technical assessment, list and regulation of job posts.
  4. Participatory assessment, list and regulation of job posts.
  5. Designing the list of job posts.
  6. Designing the schedule of positions.
  7. Mapping the competencies of the job posts.
  8. Developing productivity and performance evaluation systems.
  9. Ratings and Schedule Of Positions (SOPs).

Labour relations:

  1. Diagnosis and strategies of negotiation for agreements.
  2. Diagnosis, negotiation strategies and proposals for agreements.
  3. Developing internal communication plans.
  4. Assistance in collective bargaining.

Public Administrations interested in having their organisation structured, with full knowledge of their business information, achieve better results. This is because unnecessary costs are then reduced and productivity is increased.

Large Administrations and national and international companies trust us as the main Human Resources Consulting Firm in Spain and Latin America.

STANDBY Consultants, as a HR consulting firm, is at your entire disposal to present you the future improvements of your business.

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