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Having a company specialising in Spanish expats can be very helpful. We have a great amount of information about expatriation.

In the last few years, we have recruited a large number of Spanish professionals to work abroad.

Expatriation is an increasingly widespread practice in multinational companies and large and medium-sized companies that seek to build or consolidate their business abroad, and which need to incorporate qualified professionals in order to achieve strategic objectives.

In this context, the selection of suitable, qualified and motivated candidates who are able to add value and knowledge in different geographical and cultural environments becomes such a challenge.

STANDBY Consultants has extensive experience in the search and selection of professionals who wish to become Spanish expatriates or who have already worked abroad.

As a reliable consulting company specialised in the expatriation of professionals, how can we guarantee success for your company and for Spanish expats?

To increase the likelihood of success, we offer efficient, professional and proven solutions for our multinational clients:

  1. We conduct a thorough analysis of the job position overseas
  2. We carry out an exhaustive study of the candidate profile
  3. We carefully examine the candidate’s personality
  4. We plan the process in its entirety: Recruitment, Screening, Selection, Communication, Hiring and Monitoring of the candidate’s adaptation.

There are more and more companies with interests abroad, therefore in need to count with professional employees who are suitable for their job positions. 

But where can we find candidates for expatriation?

  1. At the very same company: By carrying out a process of internal assessment to identify the most appropriate candidates for expatriation.
  2. In other companies or in the market: If they are already in our database, they will be identified, but if they are not, they will be selected from the labour marketSTANDBY Consultants has extensive experience in the search and selection of professionals who wish to work as expatriates or who already have experience working abroad.

Companies who hire specific staff to work abroad will achieve better results if they choose the right support to do so. Time and costs will be reduced and the professional employee will be encouraged to start as soon as possible.

Large national and international companies trust us as the main expatriate company in Spain and Latin America.

STANDBY Consultants, as a reliable HR consulting firm nationwide, is at your entire disposal to present you the future professional candidates for expatriation.

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