Executive Search

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Executive Search

Having a trusted Executive Search Company in Spain is essential for the growth of your business.

Executive Search is a highly qualified process. We like what we do: 92% of our new executive recruitment orders come from our clients’ references.

STANDBY Consultants recommend using Executive Search or Headhunting for the selection of executive profiles, a process that requires professional employees with experience in a specific task and in the specific sector of our client.

This process is appropriate when companies wish to know a candidate but do not find it convenient to contact her/him directly.

Executive search or headhunting places our clients in the market, ensuring success in incorporating a new professional employee to their working team. Likewise, candidates reduce risk in decision-taking.

In practice, companies tell us that they often have the same problem when hiring employees: there are very few reliable and experienced professional employees who are not reluctant to change. Therefore, they require an experienced and guaranteed service, and this is precisely what we offer our clients.

Executive search or headhunting requires highly skilled senior consultants with an extensive experience in dealing with CEOs, as well as a great knowledge of the business sector in question and the specific job position required. STANDBY Consultants are highly skilled and experienced professionals who are used to deal with top work environments, where discretion and confidentiality are a must.

The specific characteristics of STANDBY Consultants guarantee success for your company.

To this end, and throughout the entire recruitment process, we are in constant communication with our client and the candidate, using the following procedure:

  1. Meeting with our client to define specific needs, business environment and respondent profile.
  2. Identifying with our client the key and/or competing companies where suitable candidates might be found.
  3. Identifying target candidates, by creating a long, customized list.
  4. Tracking candidates’ digital fingerprints for the maximum information about them.
  5. Personally contacting all listed professional candidates to present them the project, explore their willingness to change and their suitability to the profile.
  6. As a result of the above interviews, we will create a specific list of suitable candidates who are motivated to change.
  7. These candidates will undergo an in-depth personal interview with our consultants.
  8. Their professional references will be checked.
  9. Results will be presented to the client.
  10. Clients will be assisted in their decision-taking and negotiation process.

The success of your business and the increase of your profits will begin with current decisions. The best investment you can make for your company is hiring executive search or headhunting services to recover your investment as soon as possible.

Large national and international companies trust us as the main executive recruitment company in Spain and Latin America.

STANDBY Consultants is at your entire disposal to introduce you the future qualified professional employees of your company.

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