Executive Coaching

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Executive Coaching

Having an executive coaching company in Spain is a great support for professional employees.

Who motivates the motivator?

Executive and Management Coaching allows leaders to be efficient.

As a confidence coaching consulting company, how do we work?

  1. We conduct a needs assessment and improve staff performance.
  2. Both at a personal level (executive coaching).
  3. And in management teams (team coaching).
  4. We design strictly individualised coaching plans for each of our clients, after conducting a deep prior diagnosis.
  5. Our executive coaching services align senior managers’ personal priorities with the business strategy, goals and values of their companies.
  6. We help managers identify and focus on their strengths. But we also help them identify and deal with areas for improvement.
  7. It is a process of objective and confidential advice, where we always encourage managers to implement new ideas.

Professional employees involved in an executive coaching process experience great improvement in performance, and are ready to address change, efficiently organise their life and enhance their company.

Companies interested in motivating their senior managers, achieve better results. Productivity is then increased and accuracy in decision-making is improved.

Large national and international companies trust us as the main executive coaching company in Spain and Latin America, to strengthen senior managers.

STANDBY Consultants, as a HR consulting firm nationwide, is at your entire disposal to present you the future improvements of your team. We have offices in Malaga, Madrid and Seville.

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