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HR Consulting

Having a trusted human resources consulting firm in Spain is essential to maintain the efficiency of your business.

At STANDBY Consultants, we count with over 16 years’ experience helping clients align people and processes to meet their business goals.

As a HR consulting firm in Malaga, Madrid and Seville, our culture is clear: helping companies place the right employees in the right jobs, with the necessary skills, in order to meet the set goals. Our consulting services have a strategic approach, which, together with the appropriate technological tools, allows for implementing specific solutions in a progressive manner, in line with the everyday running of the company. 

Among our HR services, we specialise in employee satisfaction surveys. We customise satisfaction surveys in order to know employees’ opinion regarding aspects such as organisation, employment status, internal relationships, etc. with the purpose of identifying potential sources of internal conflicts and, above all things, ways to improve the business.

As for the Description and Evaluation of Job Positions (DJP-EJP), ​​we identify, classify and assess the different job positions in the company in order to define aspects such as tasks and responsibilities (DJP), and decide the extent to which these tasks and responsibilities contribute to the business goals and overal strategy (EJP).

Do you know all the HR consulting services that can help improve your business?

  1. Implementing Management By Objectives (MBO): Designing distribution systems and setting general objectives (both quantitative and qualitative objectives) in every functional unit, area and/or department that make up the company.
  2. Implementing Performance Evaluation Systems and Competency-Based Management: Designing systems to measure and evaluate staff performance (from technicians to customer support), based on identifying specific objectives and competency profiles for each job position.
  3. Developing career plans: Designing professional career paths for each job position in the company, to provide employees with an incentive tool to get promoted, in line with the business goals and strategy.
  4. Designing fixed and variable remuneration systems. Benchmarking remuneration: Developing remuneration systems on demand, in order to maximise employee compensation and minimise the business burden. Conducting external studies and analyses to find out if the company’s remuneration is in line with that of similar companies in the same industry sector.
  5. Developing internal communication plans: Having an internal communication plan has a number of advantages related to the ability to perform an efficient management, freeing human and material resources and promoting the participation of the recipient, who should intervene directly in the process.


  1. Organisational diagnosis: Overall analysis of the company based on strategy, organisation, personnel, processes and technology, in order to identify opportunities for improvement and develop a competitive and optimal working environment.
  2. Redesigning the organisational structure: Adapting the organisational structure to the new circumstances of the market, seeking to improve the effectiveness of the company and developing and improving communication channels.
  3. Dimensioning, planning and optimization of the staff: Dimensioning organisational structures that help achieve a greater business agility and adjust the size of the company to both internal and external circumstances.
  4. Cost reduction plans: Analysing the business activity and rationalising expenditure, in order to optimise it, thus achieving the maximum efficiency in the business activity.
  5. Re-engineering and process improvement: Redesigning and optimising the business flows in the different processes, seeking the best possible business redistribution, streamlining processes and maximising staff performance.

Companies interested in having their organisation structured, with full knowledge of their business information, achieve better results. Unnecessary costs are then reduced and decisions for improvement are easier to take.

Large national and international companies trust us as the main Human Resources Consulting Firm in Spain and Latin America.

STANDBY Consultants, as a HR consulting firm, is at your entire disposal to present you the future solutions for your business.

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