Business Consulting

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Business Consulting

Having a human resources firm in Spain specialising in Business Consulting will give your business a great future advantage and success when taking important decisions.

At STANDBY Consultants, we count with over 16 years’ experience helping clients align people and processes to meet their business goals. We are a trusted Business Consulting firm with offices in Malaga, Madrid and Seville.

What types of HR consulting services do we specialise in?


  1. Business diagnosis: Analysing the business activity of the company and identifying opportunities for improvement in the areas of business strategy, equipment and segmentation and management of both current and potential clients.
  2. Policy design and business strategy: Defining the best policies and strategies, aligned with the company’s business strategy and vision, in order to lay the foundation for the business management of the company.
  3. Design and implementation of business networks: Identifying needs, selection, training and monitoring of the sales team, seeking maximum efficiency in their business activity and guidance to the set strategy.


  1. Design and implementation of Equality Plans: Development and implementation of Equality Plans to guarantee equal treatment of men and women, identifying potential sources of discrimination and offering solutions to grant equal opportunities to both genders.


  1. Design and implementation of CSR Plans: Designing and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility Plans to strengthen the company’s social commitment with the environment, promote the integration of all employees and guarantee respect for the social reality.


  1. Design and implementation of the BSC: This is a key tool in the strategic management of the company. Based on Mission, Vision and Values, we support our clients in defining Strategy and designing the BSC that will monitor the progress of the company, as well as progress towards the set objectives. The Balanced Scorecard is a key element in monitoring business performance and provides important information in view of taking decisions concerning business activity.

Companies interested in getting all the organisation information and invest in new policies, achieve better results. This is because unnecessary costs are therefore reduced and better decisions are taken based on objective knowledge.

Large national and international companies trust us as the main Human Resources Consulting Firm in Spain and Latin America specialised in Business Consulting.

STANDBY Consultants, as a business consulting firm, is at your entire disposal to offer you the necessary support to improve your business.

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