Assesment - Staff Evaluation

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Assesment - Staff Evaluation

Having a trusted staff evaluation - performance assessment company in Spain is essential to fully know the real skills of your employees.

The staff evaluation - performance assessment service is very important for your company, as it provides crucial information.

We developed a staff evaluation technique to objectively assess behaviour and identify the skills and competence of candidates and professional employees. At STANDBY Consultants, we developed our own evaluation model - Assessment Center thanks to our experience with large national and multinational companies.

How to evaluate people to find out about their professional skills in a company?

This evaluation process is developed through a set of on-site and online tests, along with expert consultants who record and evaluate behaviour. Finally, a detailed report is written for each employee.

It is a very effective technique for companies, as it guarantees:

  • Promotion and career development.
  • Evaluation of professional skills.
  • Relocation of talent in companies.
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses in the company.
  • Information on the degree of assimilation of the training plans implemented.
  • Relevant information about work teams, to improve productivity and management.

Evaluating your current employees or candidates before hiring them will give you great competitive advantages.

  • Having objective information to take the right decisions.
  • Minimising error in the recruitment of new staff or the promotion of current employees.
  • Better acceptance of results by participants.
  • The information obtained is useful to the company, for reflection purposes.

At STANDBY Consultants, we provide you with a valuable external and objective assessment that will allow you to take important decisions to increase the profitability and productivity of your company.

In relation to assessment, we specialise in:

  • Assessment and Development Center.
  • Executive Assessment.
  • Map of Talent.

By controlling relevant information about your current staff or future candidates, you will be able to make the right decisions at all times.

In our experience, we can confirm that data collected individually and customised for each case is crucial for the future of a company. Hiring a staff evaluation - performance assessment service gives you a clear advantage in view of future productivity and a greater control of your company in relation to HR management.

Large national and international companies trust us as the main staff evaluation company in Spain and Latin America.

STANDBY Consultants is at your entire disposal to help you in this process and analyse potential improvements for your company.

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