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Real Estate - Property

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Real Estate - Property

Hiring qualified personnel for the Real Estate - Property Sector is essential for the efficient management of the business. The year 2015 was the turning point for the recovery of the real estate sector in Spain. In other words, since 2016, the growth curve is once again rising and real estate players are already taking positions.

We are therefore faced with a new conception of the real estate market, more focused on the type of service to be provided and the quality of operations. We are living the “rebirth” of one of the main engines of Spanish economy, which will trigger employment in many other sectors.

This new trend makes it possible for STANDBY Consultants to meet a very high demand for real estate professionals. An era of new and exciting projects where our clients entrust our team of consultants specialised in real estate developments with the search and selection of the best candidates to fill these positions.

Which specialists are needed in the Real Estate - Property Sector?

A renewed sector requires increasingly qualified specialists and professionals. In the commercial field, this sector demands profiles with communication skills (of course) but also with education or training in the real estate market and economic or legal aspects. Specialists are also required to be fluent in English and Spanish at least, in addition to other Spanish official language, in order to guarantee the best possible customer service.

Likewise, they must be experienced in human contact, should be close and assertive and able to generate trust in the person they are talking to. In the technical field, experience and specific training are essential requirements to add to the professional profile in this sector.

STANDBY Consultants has extensive experience in selecting professional Real Estate staff for positions such as:

  • Director-General
  • Deputy Director-General
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Operations Manager
  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Human Resources Management
  • Promotions Manager
  • Administrative and Financial Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Market Analyst (Risks; Investments; Loans and Mortgages)
  • Architect and Town Planner
  • Lawyer specialising in Urban Law
  • Legal Advisor and Urban Consultant
  • Real Estate and Sales Agent
  • Sales Manager.

Have you had a similar position or are you currently working in any of the above positions? Are you a professional in this sector? We are looking for you. Send your CV now to CV@standby.es for future professional opportunities.

We can proudly say that large clients have trusted our team to hire their Real Estate - Property staff in Spain and Latin America. There is no doubt that hiring a Chief Sales Officer and her/his professional team is a great business improvement for your company.

Make a list of the specific professional features that your new real estate professional must have and we will start looking for her/him.

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