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Public Administration

Servicios Selección Personal Administración Pública
Public Administration

Hiring qualified personnel for the Spanish Public Administration is now possible. The Public Sector involves different organisations that carry out the administrative and management functions of the State: local and regional administrations and, in sum, any official body responsible for managing public goods.

The above definition includes town halls, city councils, Spanish autonomous communities, groupings of municipalities, state-owned companies and foundations, autonomous organisations, public business entities, state agencies, etc.

We must all contribute to making the public sector an efficient sector, capable of achieving the goals of the State, reducing the potential distortion of the market and with the least possible absorption of economic resources by the public apparatus.

Which specialists are needed in the Spanish Public Administration?

The profiles demanded by the Spanish Public Administration are professionals with a solid career and experience and a high citizen-orientation at all times. In general terms, the private sector traditionally provides specialists who contribute to the public sector with innovation, methodology and excellence management skills.

At the technological level: 

The Spanish Public Administration requires professionals who can provide expert advice for an intelligent use of Information Technology (IT), thus guaranteeing the sustainability and optimisation of investments in this sector.

At the financial level:

There is a growing demand for independent audit services, monitoring on the management of European funds and control of subsidies.

Additionally, the growing relationship between the state-owned and the private sectors requires specialised advice in the specific field of taxation. In other words, the participation of private initiative in public projects, whether in management or in financing, requires up-to-date knowledge in tax matters.

Moreover, any Public Administration in transformation needs to look for new formulas to become more efficient. Having an expert adviser in technically complex legal issues, in the application of public procurement rules or in administrative reorganisations ensures the achievement of the objectives set.

In short, the definition of the public function, public employees’ positions and responsibilities, performance evaluation, the possibility of developing a professional career in the public sector, the adequate planning of Human Resources based on internal mobility or instruments of flexibility allowed by Spanish Law, are all areas that STANDBY Consultants has been successfully managing for over 16 years.

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We can proudly say that large clients have trusted our team to hire qualified personnel for the Public Administration in Spain and Latin America. There is no doubt that hiring expert advisors for the Public Sector is a great management move.

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