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Third Sector

Servicios Selección Personal Tercer Sector
Third Sector

Hiring qualified personnel for NGOs, Foundations, Sports Clubs and Education Centres is essential for an efficient management and the proper functioning of organisations. The Third Sector involves non-profit, privately-owned organisations with legal personality, registered in a public register, such as:

  • Special Entities
  • Associations
  • Foundations
  • Cooperatives
  • Mutual Funds
  • Education Centres
  • Sport Clubs
  • NGOs
  • Among others.

This sector is key to Spain’s social and economic development, as well as an increasingly important channel for meeting the growing demands and initiatives of the Spanish civil society.

The importance of this sector is reflected in the number of organisations it includes, the range of social demands it meets, the scale of the social investment it receives, the number of beneficiaries it serves, the employment it generates and the number of volunteers it involves.

Which specialists are needed in the Third Sector?

The Spanish Third Sector experienced a period of strong expansion, driven by the growth of the national economy and an increase in the state budget, which helped improved social services and the Welfare State. Nowadays, there are major organisational changes, along with a greater professionalisation of business management.

Unlike what people think, companies and NGOs/Associations are not so different from one another. Except for the non-profit nature of the latter, both of them are complex organisations that manage many projects, high budgets and in different countries.

When selecting their top managers, both companies and NGOs or Associations want to have the best professionals in their governing bodies.

STANDBY Consultants has extensive experience in selecting Third Sector professionals for positions such as:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Coordination
  • Technical Managers
  • Technicians
  • Support Staff
  • Auxiliary Staff

Have you had a similar position or are you currently working in any of the above positions? Are you a professional in this sector? We are looking for you. Send your CV now to CV@standby.es for future professional opportunities.

We can proudly say that large clients have trusted our team to hire their experienced staff for Associations, NGOs, Foundations and Sport Centres in Spain and Latin America. There is no doubt that hiring a CEO or Manager and their professional team is a great business improvement for your company.

Make a list of the specific professional features that your new specialist in Third Sector management must have and we will start looking for her/him.

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