Industry and Construction

Servicios Selección Personal Industria Construcción
Industry and Construction

Hiring a highly qualified Director of Processes, Operations Manager or Production Manager will help your company grow. Spain has the highest European representation in infrastructures thanks to great Spanish construction companies of world-wide reputation and the potential of small and medium-sized enterprises that support part of the national economy.

The great export of services and the participation in foreign markets has strengthened the Spanish construction industry.

The experience and perseverance shown by construction industry players years ago makes it possible for us to grow today, both in the public and private construction sector. Due to the prestige and excellence in the search and selection of executives, as well as middle managers and qualified personnel, STANDBY Consultants can now access the best professionals in the contruction industry sector for your company.

Which specialists are needed in the industry sector?

The historical excellence of the construction industry sector in Spain has promoted the best possible specialisation of professionals, who are demanded worldwide for their excellent training and rich work experience.

This sector requires multipurpose and methodical analysts; people with creativity, a clear vision of growth and willing to participate in any task regardless of the business project in question. The youngest candidates in these sectors are pressing the accelerator, while we, at STANDBY Consultants, count with brilliant engineers and the best builders and industrial managers.

Specialists demanded by the sector must meet the following requirements: they must be well-prepared in terms of university studies, specialisation courses and Master’s Degrees, be fluent in two or more languages or have professional experiences abroad. The experienced career of senior professionals guarantees managerial and administrative skills that will strengthen the growth of this sector.

STANDBY Consultants has extensive experience in selecting professional construction industry managers for positions such as:

  • Director-General; Deputy Director-General
  • Production Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Director of Processes
  • Director of Procurement, Infrastructure, Transportation and Logistics
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Export/Import Manager
  • Director of Technical Office
  • Director of R&D
  • Director of Health and Safety
  • Construction Manager, Works Manager
  • Factory Manager
  • Quarry Manager
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Chief Quality Officer
  • Promotions Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Head of Work
  • Team Manager
  • Group Manager
  • Head of Sales/Purchasing
  • Head of Planning
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Production Controller
  • Project Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Architect
  • Technical Architect; Rigger; Building Engineer
  • Specialist Engineer (Industrial; Roads, Channels and Ports; Civil; Agricultural; Forestry; Mining; Telecommunications; Aerospace)
  • Specialist Engineer (Airport; Computing; Naval; Hydraulics; Chemistry)
  • POR (Specialist in Prevention of Occupational Hazards)
  • Demolition Waste Manager
  • Technical specialists (Environment; Renewable Energy; Geology; Topography; Chemical Sciences; Mechanics; Structures).

Have you had a similar position or are you currently working in any of the above positions? Are you a professional in this sector? We are looking for you. Send your CV now to for future professional opportunities.

We can proudly say that large clients have trusted our team to hire their Construction Director-General in Spain and Latin America. There is no doubt that hiring a Director of Processes, Operations Manager or Production Manager is a great business improvement for your company.

Make a list of the specific professional features that your new Chief Industrial Officer must have and we will start looking for her/him.

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