Commercial and Sales Management

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Commercial and Sales Management

Hiring a highly qualified Chief Sales Officer to be responsible for sales and for achieving turnover goals is essential to make your company grow. Sales management involves the set of activities that are required to make your company’s goods and services reach consumers.

The main tasks of Sales Management are focused on:

  • Planning and control
  • Market study
  • Promotion and advertising of the product
  • Sales

The sales department must be efficiently coordinated with other departments: production, financial, logistics, human resources, etc. in order to achieve the sales goals.

From 2014 onwards, according to the Spanish IE Business Barometer, job offers for sales management in Spain account for more than 32% of the total, which highlights the great importance this sector has in the labour market.

Chief Sales Officers are needed to design, implement and develop sales strategies. Due to their extensive experience and training, professional sales managers are fully consolidated in their jobs and are able to take the right executive decisions to ensure success.

STANDBY Consultants has the necessary experience and knowledge to select the most suitable Chief Sales Officer for your company, through Executive Search or Headhunting, and pursuing your satisfaction and the best results.

Which specialists are needed in the Sales Management sector?

The market demands complete sales professionals, both regarding their training and their experience and personal skills. They must be interested in interacting with other people and showing their passion for their business activity. Additionally, skills related to an efficient organization, time management and foreign language proficiency are essential to fill executive positions. In short, sales professionals are passionate about taking on challenges, overcoming them and meeting the goals set.

STANDBY Consultants has extensive experience in selecting professional sales managers for positions such as:

  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Regional Manager
  • Export/Import Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Regional Head
  • Zone Manager
  • Zone leader
  • Head of Sales Administration
  • Account Management
  • Sales Leadership
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Key Account Regional Manager
  • Commercial and Sales Management
  • Senior Account Executive
  • Junior Account Executive
  • Commercial Technician
  • Trade Marketing
  • Category Manager
  • Among others.

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We can proudly say that large clients have trusted our team to hire their qualified Chief Sales Officers in Spain and Latin America. There is no doubt that sales management recruitment is a great business improvement for your company.

Make a list of the specific professional features that your new Chief Sales Officer must have and we will start looking for her/him.

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