Servicios Selección Personal Automoción

Hiring qualified staff from the automotive industry is now possible thanks to our large database, but especially due to the number of professionals interviewed and evaluated by our team for large multinational companies worldwide in the automotive industry and similar sectors.

STANDBY Consultants has been specialised in the automotive industry for the last 16 years. Everyday we interact with car dealership managers, sales managers and human resources managers, who know the characteristics and specific needs of this industry in depth. We have closely observed the evolution of managers and members of these departments.

We are facing a historical scenario, which has already begun to change, from the hybrid car to the fully electric and autonomous car by Tesla Motors. From permanent security with automatic braking to internet connection and geolocation in each car. Behind all these changes, we find the best professionals.

Engineers have a key role in this new era, in designing better, lighter and smaller batteries with more autonomy. Software and hardware designers have a great opportunity to develop their projects for major automotive brands. And managers’ job is to fit in this great link between specific professionals, new technology, management, cost control, usability, marketing and sales.

Car Dealership Managers are essential to design, implement and develop growth strategies.

STANDBY Consultants started with a clear vocation of service to provide companies with qualified staff, which, together with an extensive experience, allows us to conduct an Executive Search or Headhunting to find the perfect professional for your company.

Which specialists are needed in the Automotive Industry?

Companies usually look for professionals with knowledge, experience and specialised in certain tasks. In the last few years, candidates are also expected to understand the business of the company, the market and the difficulties of creating business value. Candidates should speak on an equal footing with managers responsible for logistics, operations, commerce, production, etc. They should be able to come out of their offices and interact with other employees, to exchange alternative views and learn new practice.

They must be excellent people managers, communicators and negotiators. They are required outstanding skills to manage teams, as well as foreign language proficiency.

STANDBY Consultants has extensive experience in selecting professional automotive staff for positions such as:

  • Car Dealership Manager
  • Post-Sales Manager
  • Second-hand Vehicles Sales Officer
  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Sales Manager
  • Commercial Executive
  • Workshop Manager
  • Head of Spare Parts
  • Head of Customer Service
  • Zone Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Economic - Administrative Manager
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Among others.

Have you had a similar position or are you currently working in any of the above positions? Are you a professional in this sector? We are looking for you. Send your CV now to for future professional opportunities.

We can proudly say that large clients have trusted our team to hire their qualified automotive staff in Spain and Latin America. There is no doubt that automotive staff recruitment is a great business improvement for your company.

Make a list of the specific professional features that your new Car Dealership Manager or Sales Manager must have and we will start looking for her/him.

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