Are you aware of the advantages of hiring qualified personnel with STANDBY Consultants?


Contratar personal cualificado y Directivos RRHH


Guarantee of success and commitment

We achieve success in any project. We are committed to the highest quality right from the start. Guaranteed.

Customer satisfaction index

Our experience and method, along with our powerful database and network of contacts, help us solve any selection process successfully. Our statistics speak for themselves.

Candidate evaluation / Assessment reports

We do not just search for CVs. We do much more. We evaluate candidates in person, providing useful and detailed reports to facilitate decision-taking for our clients.

Multidisciplinary and specialised team

We are always alert and constantly updated. We are experts in people and we understand the complexity of business. We specialise by sector and work by sharing our knowledge and experience. We use an effective and versatile method, proven after years of experience at the highest level with top-tier clients.

Efficient process, reduced costs and brilliant results

We solve complex selection processes, which makes us specialists in detecting the actual compatibility between candidates and companies, thus minimising the risk of inadequacy. As a full guarantee in extraordinary cases, we perform a second process at no cost.

Large companies always grow by investing in the right people

Hiring qualified professionals selected by STANDBY Consultants is one of the best investments you can possibly make for your company. Make a list of the professional features you need for your company and request a quote to make your company grow by clicking here.